Case Study ® ABB 2024
Water and Waste Water
ABB technology to power world’s largest seawater desalination project
United Arab Emirates
Power supply continuity, system operational efficiency and low maintenance costs. Safe, reliable and stable power supply for the operation of the seawater desalination equipment.
ABB is delivering 30 panels of UniGear ZS3.2 medium-voltage switchgear and 250 panels of MNS® low-voltage switchgear with digital capabilities, and Relion® protection relays. 

ABB has also delivered a wide range of low and medium voltage motors and variable speed drives to ensure reliable and energy efficient pumping in the plant. The ACS580MV medium voltage drives match the speed and torque of the motors to the pumping demand for maximum energy savings.
We are very proud that ABB technology will be used at the Taweelah plant, which will contribute to the UAE’s goals of building a more sustainable, self-reliant and efficient water and energy sector in the country. When commissioned it is estimated this plant will meet water demand from more than 350,000 households.