Case Study ® ABB 2024
Communities of Toshka
Food and Beverage
ABB supports Egypt’s visionary project to turn desert into farmland with resilient electric power
A groundbreaking initiative outlined by President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi of Egypt, aims to reclaim an area of more than 2,200 km2 of desert by 2024 in the South Valley of the Toshka area. This requires the delivery of several key technical solutions for a reliable and continuous power supply.
ABB supplied all medium voltage primary and secondary switchgear, UniGear and UniSec, along with compact substations for the first three phases of the project. ABB has also delivered complete solutions to provide reliable, energy-efficient operation for the project's 57 pumping stations. This included the installation of hundreds of motors, variable speed drives (VSDs) and soft starters.
It will boost agricultural production in accordance with the state’s efforts to encourage investment and create job opportunities through agricultural activity, food manufacturing and associated urban activities. The development will also establish new and integrate existing communities in parallel to the Nile Valley, but most importantly will greatly support the efforts to assure food security and achieve wheat self-sufficiency for Egypt.